So before I brought my tracer I brought a givi tank bag 3d601 because it was...


So before I brought my tracer I brought a givi tank bag 3d601 (because it was on clearance and came with a heap of tank rings) Just wondering if anyone has one on their tracer mine won't clear the black plastic bit with the 2 bolts on it at the top of the tank :(, I'm wondering if its because I'm not using the exact tank ring for the tracer and some other random one that fit

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  • Not got one personally but from looking at them as I wanted to get one, I think the tracer has its own ring and is different from the standard mt09 too

  • I used a ring that was for some thing compleatly different I guess if the holes where in a slightly different spot it would most likely be ok but not sure if I want to spent any more $$ on a ring if its not going to work

  • i've got the original yamaha touring one with their ring. its really useful.

  • I got the official Givi ring, specifically for the Tracer. Great job.

  • What bag are you running sam? Assume the ring must be smaller than the one ive got (making the big plastic ring that sits under it furter away from the top of the tank)

  • It's the 3D 603. It's the smaller one. but it holds all that I want, phone etc, which can be charged on the go from the power socket.

  • Mine is only small as well 4L I think I may have the older model, I better email givi

  • Cut a piece of plastic thick enough to lift the bag high enough to clear the trim piece on the tank.. drill holes to match the holes on the mount plate on the bottom of the bag then sandwich it in place between the bag and bag mount.. lifts the bag and works with the standard ring..

  • Sweet thanks Mark Brantley