So found out today I need new fuel injectors for my 09 raider but I don t want...


So found out today I need new fuel injectors for my 09 raider but I don't want to go back stock any ideas???

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  • I'd try it. It's the fault of the cobra case not being sealed. Not your fault. They should replace it free of charge.

  • Doesn't hurt to try to get it warranteed. What's the worst they can say? No?

  • As you can see in the 1st pic I goobed the shit out it when I put the new board in mine. No water getting in this time!

  • Go ahead and pull off the "red clip" pin connector and check the pins and inside of the connector for corrosion. This will determine if you need to replace the whole harness or just the board.

  • Very true Matthew St John. Alright I got that number from that post u tagged me in Dave Lorenz so ill tomorrow and see what I can do

  • If they r going to send me harness and bored do I need to?

  • If you don't need a harness they won't send one. Saves lots of work. It unplugs there regardless. A new harness would require unbolting the tank and lifting it to remove the old harness and install the new one. It also connects to the oxygen sensor and has a ground wire. Not terribly hard but you have to send to old stuff back. (They cover that cost)

  • You'll have to check this now or on the phone with them. Saves you and them time.

  • Alright

  • Hey guys I took the programmer off it is acting worse than it did with it on doesn't want to start half the time just does a click noise runs funny to