• So here is a question You find yourself with an FJ with a perfect 2 inch hole...

    So, here is a question. You find yourself with an FJ with a perfect 2 inch hole right here. What do you do with it? (Keep in mind the frame rail is right there too)

    • I like the sound system. Doc Nielsen...suggested

    • Gear indicator so you stop going for 6th gear.

    • Ha! Lol

    • Shot glass

    • Oil pressure gauge, or oil temp gauge.

    • fag lighter or a power point for your sat nav

    • Sam Rk, an oil temp gauge is very easy to install. There are many choices for brand and style. Sweep needle or digital. I used the oil galley port just above the left oil cooler line port at the oil pan. RPM sells a plug to install the temp probe into the oil galley. 1 wire runs from the probe to the gauge. Locate a ground nearby for the gauge ground. and I tapped into one of the brown power wires near the steering head. The fairing/instrument shrouds were Hydo dipped with carbon fiber film.

    • The difficulty with an oil temp gage is the frame is right behind the fairing at that point. If the gage is 2 in deep it won't fit. That's why I was wondering what model he used in that location.

    • "He" meaning you.

    • turn it into a cup holder... i like to think outside the box lol

    • Intellitronix M9108R is what I used. 2 1/16" dia. X 1 1/2" deep. The R in the part number is for red. Replace with a W for white, B for blue or G for green. Specify Fahrenheit or Celsius. I ordered mine from eBay.

    • Thanks. I think with some massaging I might be able to fit that model in the space available.

    • Andrew Stewart, there is a compass built into my GPS speedometer. No worries about a bouncing needle, or the dreaded Death Howl.

    • Yeah, heh heh

    • I pulled my speedo apart and thoroughly cleaned the mechanisms and put good bicycle grease on them, lubed the cable from one end to the other and speedo works great & quiet. Surprisingly accurate against my TomTom GPS. Before that it near drove me nuts and the needle was all over the joint, sometimes on zero - give it a whack and it would slowly make it's way up the dial and start bouncing again. People in cars must have been able to hear it, it was loud.

    • Here is the backside of the panel. I used a Molex brand connector.