So here s the dumbest question changing my brand new yz foe the first time 750...

So here's the dumbest question changing my brand new yz foe the first time 750 cm equals whatis cm the same as cc

  • Now hear what Andy James said - the level of the weep bolt is set wrongly. Just measure 750ml to be exact

  • 750 Ml

  • I'm sure that the guys who engineered the engine, know more then guys on Facebook, use the weep bolt.

  • Hi Blake, i just labeled it as "weep bolt". Yamaha does not use that term honestly. So better believe the guys in this group coz they know what they're saying LOL! :D

  • The holes are set too low for exactly 750ml. It is good advice to measure it, but there's not alot of difference. I still use the "weep hole" and have never had any tansmission troubles. However, I saw a post on here the other day suggesting that the project the use of JB weld inside the case! Don't believe everything you hear on the internet!

  • Let's just all think explicitly here guys ---- there has to be an "acceptable range" when it comes to putting oil. Whether it be 750 ml to be exact or with the "weep hole" level, i believe you'd be fine, but on one condition....

    Has anyone here measured exactly how much oil is in there when just referring to the level of the check bolt? Did we arrive only at 650 ml of oil or even less? i'd start worrying if it's way lesser than 750 ml....

  • My 99 bolt = 350-400 ml...the book says 750. I always went of the bolt before I had a book. I bet the bolt is a low oil check point. Pretty much if oil is coming out of the "weep hole" your good.

  • New yz's dont have an over flow hole but I got it under control thanks to this group

  • Hi Jed, that weep hole (since it's a "check bolt") could also serve as a way of checking the quality of the oil. Some people report that the level of oil from it is even less than 350 cc by the time oil starts dripping out.

    Does it have something to do with checking the quality of oil visually at that level before warming up your engine, and/or sampling a part of it therefore allowing for a laboratory oil analysis. Reason why perhaps it's located way too low is that metal shreddings precipitates at the bottom when the bike is not in use.