So I decided to mount it here because my helmet was too curved in the front and...


So I decided to mount it here, because my helmet was too curved in the front and I was worried it would come off (not enough contact surface). Problem is with it mounted here, the angle is off to the side. It will do for now, but there's gotta be an available attachment that will pivot it right and left? The other one included just pivots up and down not the way I need it to. Also, I'm not sure how wide of an angle it takes so I'm really not sure how ok/bad this spot will be til I go make some video. If anyone wants to chime in with opinions etc feel free to do so! I'm off to find out myself :)

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  • I have a gopro and only use it attached to bike, I found a smaller bullet camera for my helmet which is the RePlay XD, smaller fits on side of helmet better, Love my gopro but wrong shape for helmet mounting on motorbikes. I only paid AU$140 for the 720 xd replay -

  • I would agree that the aerodynamics of the gopro sucks for the likes of helmet cams but they are great for other things. Id invest in a bullet type camera but id have to talk that up with the Mrs.

  • Andrew, how do you find the video/audio on that cam compared to your gopro?

    I haven't opened the link yet I am at work but I will have to take a good look at another option for sure. Aaron, that helps, I will look at those settings. VLC wouldnt play it at all it was the worst of the ones I tried. Oddly, Windows Media player did the best but still was bad. I was getting stutter-y playback. Will have to play around again when I am home I was too tired last night and gave up at 2:30am had to be up for work at 6.

  • It's only 720p but I get almost 3 hours from a 32 gig card. It has an extra option to run mic into helmet if you want to talk on your videos, all external cameras will get wind noise using built in mic

  • Gopro sucks for battery only lasts 40 mins

  • Video quality is pretty good, I'll post some later when I get home from work. I turn the audio off though so no sound in my vids

  • You're doing something wrong if you're only getting 40 min out of your GoPro Ed!

  • Turn wifi off and it will last longer

  • i have gopro hero 2 and battery life is about 90mins

  • I have a lot of playing around to do yet. I left audio on just to see how much noise I would get. There is wind noise but it's not too horrible. I will most likely turn it off most times. I still have yet to go through all the settings I just wanted to test it right away to see what it was like :) when I went out last night for a quick run without the camera, I noticed the weight difference. My helmet felt so light in comparison! Lol