So I get home to hear and find this Michelin Pilot CT2 with less than 900...

So I get home to hear and find this. Michelin Pilot CT2 with less than 900 miles on it. Can you put a tube in a tire? Has anyone done that before?

  • Slime can deteriorate the tire, the plugs could fail so is it something you really want to risk when that's one of your two contact points to the ground? Better safe than sorry or realize and accept the risk you're swilling to take.

  • New tire is your safest option. Ive rode on plugged tires but there a chance it cam blow

  • Plug it mate, it's no race bike.

    I have had a tyre with 14plugs in it.

    Get it plugged correctly and u will have no problems.

    They will tell u the same, unless they are stingy and try sell u another tyre.

  • 14 plugs? Lol

  • They weren't proper plug and patches either they were just the brown sticky things

  • Just plug it or patch from the in side

  • I've had two nails in mine, plugged both. That tire lasted me up to 5k miles.

  • F.. K. It your bike is total I'll give you 500 for utr

  • I have a power pilot 2ct and it has a patch plug combo profesionally installed by a bike shop. I have put over 1k miles since... has been holding air fine. It's the back tire. I wouldn't recommend repairing a front tire though

  • Really?

  • Connor I'll tag you in a video I posted (23rd March) - basically same issue brand new PR4's and got a nail in. Had it patched it from the inside done around 8000kms since no issues at all :)