So I have an odd issue. Spent the day evening on the lake. about 10 hours


So I have an odd issue. Spent the day/evening on the lake (about 10 hours). When the wife backed the trailer down, I noticed one of the trailer lights was lower than the other. Didn't think much of it - they can bend a bit. Next day, I take a look, and it shrunk about 2 feet. How is this possible? I mean, am I high? How does an aluminum pole with a light attached to the top shrink like this?

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  • I am looking at the picture and I do not see anything. Did you measure the entire pole and then the distance between the two, doesn't look from the bottom, but that would make sense.

  • Both are the same height from the bottom. Left one is 62", right 51"

  • Looks like the pvc slipped past the stop & fell down

  • Are you in Colorado?

  • Columbus, Ohio

  • That was it! In 3 years, I had no clue what was inside the foam covering. It always just worked.

  • I think he insinuating yo high not seeing that lol

  • So you got it now....right

  • exactly :) im from Colorado and it took me a few minutes to even see what the hell you were talking about HAHA

  • Add some viagra to the fuel

  • I got it. Maybe I am...

  • Instructions unclear. Took viagra, washed it down with fuel.

    Now what?

  • It's just cold. Shrinkage is normal

  • Maybe you were high when you installed it

  • Looking at the brackets, looks like the right one is bent down farther.

  • Not that much, see my comment above

  • Someone hit it while you were out on the water.

  • Or your wife can't drive and hit a tree. She probably learned from me.

  • Easy fix, just replace right side tire with larger tire....