So i have finally got in contact with Nitron supplier in sweden Front costs 1...


So i have finally got in contact with Nitron supplier in sweden. Front costs 1 165€ and R2 w/ preload adjuster is 1 115€ and R1 w/ preload adjuster is 811€. Im sure you can live without the adjuster but this is also not included the price of installing it. Which would surely end up with another 150-200€. Im sure its worth the cost, but Im not sure which shock to get! Front will get changed, that's for sure, but back? do I really need R2 ? it says on the nitron site " track/road " and R1 is the most popular road shock. Preload adjuster is alot of added cost, about 200€ ! Is this the lazy person's way ?

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  • NTR R2 is better and since you are going to invest some money go for the better product. ntr1 is a more entry level aftermarket product, all companies have their budget product in line. of course its better than oem standard (a bit crap) unit. for your information i have gone with ntr3 witout hpa and i regret it now because its much more easy job to preload with the knob than the key... we dont have much room there and its a pain in the ass to turn preload like 2-3 mm. (each 1mm is 365 full turn)

  • R3 jeesus chrajst!!

  • R2 with adjuster is 1000€!

  • You should be ashamed of yourself for not buying Swedish :) ;) Mind you I'm just as bad buying Ohlins instead of Nitron.

    I don't 'fiddle' with my suspension, set up once and forget - don't bother adjusting if I have a pillion or luggage, so for me the piggy back adjuster is a waste. Maybe lazy, but I had it professionally set-up and trust them far more I do myself.

    I have only changed the rear and had the front adjusted and it works for me - I don't think I'll bother with changing the front now - or at least for a while.

  • Same here! I havent touched the preload, even when riding pillion. Even stabilising the bike!

  • That's on a shit shock though. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much 3 turns of preload makes with a passenger on with a decent shock. I am glad I've got the remote adjuster.

  • Steve, think of Ohlins as Showlins. Your paying for the name.

  • But nitron is only slighty less expensive

  • If it wasn't for the fact I got it half price Gregg there would have been no way i'd have bought it, Nitron was on my radar.

  • I don't think Ohlins make a shock with separate compression /rebound for the Tracer?

  • They do, can't remember what the product code is though

  • 535 is a single adjustable emulsion unit.

  • no Gregg Pedder you mean ya335. the ya535 is different

  • What do you mean? I got the info directly from the Ohlins website

  • this is wrong image

  • this is the ya 535 which have 3 or 4 of my friends.

  • Haha right enough! They must have changed it then. When I bought the bitubo stuff, only a single emulsion unit from Ohlins was available! Id still go with the Nitron though...

  • yes there was only YA335. the image is for illustration purposes only. ya 535 was initially released from andreani group and after a while ohlins made this bracket and got it in her arsenal.

  • and yes ohlins lack of hi-low compression damping

  • And harder and more expensive to. Rebuild than Nitron. And the Nitron stuff I've handled is top quality kit as well!

  • nahhh here in greece the difference is marginal, depending merchand the price is between 1100 euro (more or less depending discount if given and how much) with full kit on (remote reservoir and hpa). ohlins gives 5 years warranty, has some not that good looking plastic abs parts, you can get serviced in much more suspension specialists than nitron, and now there is on yamaha accessories official (well more expensive though than going alone to buy it lol lol)