So I just installed the Vance and Hines twin slash pipes on my bike This is my...


So I just installed the Vance and Hines twin slash pipes on my bike. This is my only mod so far do I need a fuel controller? Or what are the repercussions if I ride just as is?

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  • If you got standard airbox and baffles fitted then you dont need a fuel pak. Ive done the same. Not fitting my pak untill i update airfilter and ecu

  • Right on. I thought so. Everything else is stock at the moment. Thanks.

  • You might get a little popping on decel though but sounds cool

  • Yeah I've heard it already which was why I was concerned but it does sound pretty badass.

  • Done few hundred miles on mine and all good. It would not harm to add the fuel pak at this point and may reduce the popping.

  • No

  • If you have Ivan flash the ECU, then you have no need to use the FuelPak or any other fuel controller for that matter. I ran my Vance and Hines exhaust, Ivans Flash and a K&N air filter for 8000 miles with no issue. If you are racing with your bike, then have ivan recommend a fuel controller that works with his system. FuelPak is may stop the popping, but it doesn't fix other issues that will arise from adding a 3rd party exhaust to the Bolt. Been there, done that. Sold my fuelpak as soon as I got my ECU back from Ivan. Ran like shit with the Fuelpak. I spent hours trying different maps too. Waste of money. Get Ivan's Flash.

  • There you go Lucas... Another dollar for your advice...

  • I'm not getting paid to recommend Ivan's work. its just a really kick ass mod that literally every Bolt owner should do. It makes the Bike run like it ought to.

  • I know Lucas.... I was reiterating ur comment from previous post.....

  • N O, no!