so i just purchased my K N high flow air filter and oil filter and they will be...


so i just purchased my K&N high flow air filter and oil filter and they will be here on the 21st so does anybody know of any videos of the airbox mods that everyone does on this bike? i really would like to do it right and most effectively the first time so feedback would be much appreciated. i think i will order me some block off plates before i do the air filter though so i'm not doing any more work than what is necessary. could someone please post a link or a video of the airbox mod and installation of the block off plates if you have that as well. i am mechanically inclined and have never had problems installing/modding my own shit so i am not afraid of having some fun and preforming surgery on my bike, i would just like to get it done and done right the first time as fast as possible. Also, since i will be in there is there anything else that i should do to the internals of this bike? replacements/upgrades all that good shit?

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  • the good thing about is air travel, and cover all filter not just in the middle of the filter.

  • Gotcha thanks for your help

  • Dude that looks nice! I painted my headers a long time ago with 2000 degree header paint and it burned. Complete waste of my time

  • thats Bad ass.... now i wanna paint mine blue lol XD

  • i didn't paint i bought like this grill mesh from shop

  • Ross Berenshtein When you get time can you take a further back side/front profile of your bike.. trying to figure out the larger view on how it looks..

  • sorry for quality of the picture