So I know this is a motorcycle group and if this post is inapropriate then...


So I know this is a motorcycle group, and if this post is inapropriate, then sorry and please delete! Any of the American riders in here who live close to a GM dealership want to help me source a part? Its legit just a couple of screws I need, and no dealership in Canada has any lol. They are hard to come by aparantly! I would be forever grateful, and would also return the favor if ever needed :) That goes for anyone else also worldwide, always willing to help out any way I can! If someone doesnt mind finding and shipping me a few screws (sounds hilarious I know ) PM me for the part number. Thanks!

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  • What's the part

  • < GM Parts guy, what you after?

  • Sweet! Just paid triple the amount for a sensor, but at least It will be here tomorrow. Part # 24419384. Its a screw lol

  • $0.50 per screw but nobody close to me has it. Kept in source up in Michigan at one of the GM Warehouses, if you can find dealership in MI they could likely order it and ship it straight to you. If I did it would take a week to get to me and then turn around to get all the way back up to the top of the USA and then to you. :\

  • Hmm Michigan, I will take a look online later, and see who I can call and persuade to send them to me! lol Thank you so much for the info! :)

  • Parts are always cheaper in the US than here too!

  • NP :) I was hoping my catalog would give dimensions and you could just go to a hardware shop and get one that size, but no such luck.

  • I took a quick look brought a screw with me, but couldn't find anything really and I'd rather get the right one if I can than a close enough substitute especially for where it is.