So I m about to buy new asr arms 3s will my stock shocks work for now till I...


So I'm about to buy new asr arms +3s will my stock shocks work for now till I get elkas or do I need different shocks? If I do what shocks will bolt up? Shawn Terry Dion Ken

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  • Cool I wanna know too

  • Stock shocks work, they are designed for stock length

  • Yes stock shocks work, an when you buy new shocks make sure you buy stock length blaster shocks. I'm gonna fore warn you, there a mofo to get the arms all setup, but after that there great

  • What do you mean

  • I saying there a pain in the ass to get setup, they are fully adjustable, caster,camber an toe. Every thing has to be set to specific degrees to get the geometry correct or it won't steer or handle for shit, an it will make you feel like you rode a bull for 6hrs after a half hour ride

  • Oh gotcha I see what your saying.

  • Mike Pozzuto I sent u a friend request any tips would be appreciated pm me

  • I've heard bad things about the heim joints a lot of people who have those switch to the ball joints

  • I had problems with the heim joints at first with them seizing up, but I found that if you don't lube them there fine, as the nylon acts like a swiper an cleans the crap off as they move, when you lube them the crap gets broke down an gets into the joint crazy but since I stopped lubing them they haven't got tight again ever

  • So you personally run these ?

  • Yes I personally run ASR arms. An i use the heim joints. They have alot more articulation then the normal ball joints

  • Do the manufacturer recommend lubricating Heims,?

    I was under the impression that one never uses lubricant with Nylon or Teflon...

  • Honestly Terry idk if they donor not, but I found no lube is best

  • Teflon, Nylon are materials that require no lubrication.