So I m finally ordering a fuel processor for my bolt today My bolt does have...


So I'm finally ordering a fuel processor for my bolt today. My bolt does have the 02 sensor and I'm going to leave it as is. But I can't remember whether I need an open or closed loop processor to work with the O2 sensor. I believe it's open loop? Any input?

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  • Nevermind, after a little reading and refreshing of the ol noggin, I decided to go open loop and disconnect the 02 sensor.

  • That's how I'm running my Bolt. No issues other than the idle being a little unstable till it warms up. I'm using a Cobra Fi2000r with SS Real Deal pipes and Retr round air kit.

  • Can you please show us a pic Carl

  • Nice! I've got the VH slip on and I modified the stock intake by drilling stepped holes into the air cleaner cover scoop and adding a k&n air filter. I'll post pics once installed.

  • Here ya go Paul Hartwig

  • I run the V&H fuel processor, V&H Air intake, V&H Twin Slash Exhaust with the O2 Sensor and have no issues.

  • Damn, I dig that seat Cefox...

  • Thanks Logan A. Toynbee it's a Corbin in what they call bomber jacket brown. Way more comfortable than stock, but it takes a bit of getting used to it's pretty firm. I did over 350 miles on it today with no complaints..

  • I'm considering getting one in Bomber Jacket Black...

  • Where did you get those saddle bags Carl Fox? What kind of mods to make them fit?

  • I ordered them from J&P Cycles They are Leatherworks Inc. #404-BO the J&P part number is 831-787 for the rigid mount version. They are available as throw overs or rigid mount. I used Willie and Max universal mounts (J&P # 840-112) , no mods required aside fro drilling the mounting holes in the back of the bags and of course a turn signal relocation.

  • Thanks, I'll check those out