So I m getting the impression there isn t a lot of love for hi viz gear out...


So, I'm getting the impression there isn't a lot of love for hi viz gear out there. What gives with caring about another riders choice of gear and visibility?

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  • And high viz looks fine.

  • I always say safety first

  • Is buy hi vis gear if it was more readily available. I think the onus needs to go on the clothing manufacturers to produce more hi vis stuff

  • The whole point Is to look cool

  • I prefer to ride nude.

  • I'm rocking my hi viz regardless. I've simply noticed that there are riders out there that seem to be of the anti hi viz crowd. To each their own. I have a friend that rides an H-D and believes that full face helmets kill riders. Well I'm rocking a full face cause I completely disagree with his point of view. I'm just new to this community and looking for a little bit of understanding in the matter. Most riders around here don't wear any gear at all save for the cruisers with their boots and occasional sport biker with only a lid.

  • I am not a fan of the hi vis. I have a white leather jacket instead, when the sun hits it, it practically glows

  • My grandparents say the same thing about full face helmets. They now ride an HD wannabe Suzuki

  • You just gotta do you. Seen to many pics and vids to believe that helmets don't work.

  • Where do u live Quincy ?? I've never had another rider comment on someone's gear for safety.

    Now some people wear some stupid shit and I'll have a laugh at that. But if your wearing something for safety. Who the fuck gives a fuck.

    That falls in the

    Zero-fucks-givin-land category.

    Sorry for all the facks!!

  • I'm in central Illinois.

  • No one cares about another riders choice to wear it. It's just most riders won't wear it because it's dorky