So I put a bunch of PB blaster and a whole thing of mystery oil in it to try to...


So I put a bunch of PB blaster and a whole thing of mystery oil in it to try to free it up since the kick start wouldn't budge. It's been dripping out slowly. What you think? Been a couple days and still not budging.

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  • ATF works for me!

  • Take it apart and look

  • Tom, I hate to call anyone out but you are getting some advice that's not very wise. You are taking a risk of ruining other parts if you do as some have suggested. (Using excessive force). It is VERYsimple to pull the head and even the cylinder. Using force you are taking a risk of breaking a rod,breaking the kick start gear and or other gears. Breaking parts = more money/hassle. This is a big if...sometimes you may get lucky but if it is seized pretty good you are probably gonna break the rings anyway. If you take the head off you can then tap on the piston with say a block of wood. Maybe you will get lucky but if force is needed then you really need to clean things up in there anyway.

  • Taking Roger Watt's advice would be a wise decision.

  • Never said be a animal I applied to go easy a gentle hand it will work n has worked

  • Take a torch on low heat stick into spark plug hole for about 30 seconds warm up piston and then Rock back and forth

  • Wouldn't heating the piston make it expand which would make it tighter???? Lol

  • N with blaster in there may catch on fire

  • Bingo..

  • Take the cover off at the shifter at the flywheel. The nut at the flywheel put a socket with ratchet on the flywheel nut. try gently turning the nut clockwise then counterclockwise. If it turns a little one way but then gets tight again pull the head off and inspect !

  • Kaboom! Definitely do not do this method unless you want to look like Freddy Kruger!

  • ATF with a mix of diesel fuel