So I started my quad today and i turned it off a minute after and it wouldn t...

So I started my quad today and i turned it off a minute after and it wouldn't start just clicking sound in starter solenoid and I tried to jump the battery with a car since the battery didn't seem to be to messed up and all it did was make it click a little less louder and sounded like how it started right after it couldn't start. I tried to bypass the solenoid but every time i did the Neutral light would be off and the starter button didn't work. What could it be? Starter? Starter Solenoid?...

  • ^thanks man thats what i figured it was thank god the guy i bought it off of gave me 2 new ones lol do you know if when you replace the starter oil comes out?

  • No and it's easy to do , remove the 2 bolt and pull out the starter , it's tight fit , insert the new one with some grease on the o-ring , and bolt on !

  • ^is that grease ok

  • Check the ground wire

  • Sometimes is works sometimes it doesn't allow it to start

  • where is it located]

  • I'm not sure on the Warriors, on my bayou 220 the ground wire was on the left side of engine on top of the case I think. Follow the negative wires and there should be one either bolted to the case or bottom end or possibly the frame

  • Could've gotten rusted and made the connection bad, just take off the bolt, wire brush the connections and bolt it back up, should work, if not it's something else, think simple first

  • im gonna put the new starter on first i have two anyway that i have gotten for free because this happened so quick started up and then I turned it off and it just made clicking noises