So I think I am incapable of doing a burnout lol I attempted it for the first...


So I think I am incapable of doing a burnout lol. I attempted it for the first time last night (I like my tires) and I just couldnt get it. I tried about 5 times, no luck. My buddies were suprised watching me do it that it wouldnt go. One of my friends said it just gets to the point where it wants to spin but it just doesnt lol. Maybe I didnt lean enough, maybe Im not dropping my clutch quick enough or instinct is clicking in and im doing something to ruin it, I dunno, but she just wouldnt do it lol. I did everything they said too. after 5 tries I gave up because it was 2 am and we were making a racket in a parking lot and It was freezing so I said fu@k it time to ride home! Im burnout incapable lol! Everything I read says let out the clutch slowly. They say to drop it, which works for them aparantly, but not for me. I think I tried once to let it out slow, but maybe Im not doing it right. I gave up pretty quick, I wanted to be warm.

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  • i found you a video

  • shitty quality but they tell you how to do it

  • make sure when you try record with your go pro

  • i wanna see it

  • Just rev it up to about 8 grand while holding the front brake down tight lean forward in a standing position then feather the clutch in and out until it starts to spin then dump it all way out. ;-)

  • in and out?she should get clutch IN put it in first gear hold the front break lean on the front and when she reving up 8000 rpm let the clutch out no?but maybe i am wrong

  • DONT let go of that front brake.

  • what about if she wants a rollin burn out?