So I went lookin at a new gsxr750 today and I got an outstanding offer on the...


So I went lookin at a new gsxr750 today and I got an outstanding offer on the 6r from a new dealer... $5900! And I keep the aftermarket parts.

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  • What year is your bike? Bikes here hold a high resale value, so that works in your favor when you go to sell.

  • 13. Bought 2 months ago

  • Theres people selling 2009 and 2010's here for 5250-6000. One guy has a 2011 up for 7500. And people will pay it too. Ive never bought a bike that I lost much money on. My GS500F I lost 300, and my Gixxer I lost 600. I bought my 2010 last year for $5500 and when I sell it, I wont lose much on that either. Its crazy but I'm not complaining lol

  • Nicely done sir! thats the same value I was offered for my 6R. Do it! Dooooooo it! But man its a gixer haha

  • Wow yalls prices are crazy wish I could get 5200 for my 11 I'd sell it right now with all mods and all. Lol

  • I got offered 3k tops for mine :/

  • Brice if you were here you would easily get that. My friend just bought a 2013 R6 modded to the nines with like only 2000 Kms for 7000$ my friend who has the z1000 only sold his r6 a month ago he kept it stored for a year so he could sell it at the right time. was a 2005 and he sold it for 4800$. You have to sell them in the summer or early spring otherwise if not you're better off holding it til the spring you get more for them. More people looking then. Once august hits you don't have much hope to sell it for what you want.

  • He got that r6 so cheap cause the dude just had way too many toys but that's what the crowd who work offshore here are like. Get bored with one you get rid of it to make room in the garage and shed for something else lol.

  • Gsxr750 is a mean beast. I've been wanting a late '80s example as a classic bike ever since I rode one a few years ago.

    With the 750 You'll have the agility of the 600 in a bike Inbetween it & the 1000 in terms of power.

  • A 750 is the perfect next step. Litre bikes tend to be a waste if you live in the city. Congrats!