So if I mix my gas 40 1 does that mean I can put around a little and not get...


So if I mix my gas 40:1 does that mean I can put around a little and not get on it cause there's a spot that my friends like and it just little with a few jumps and I get on it just don't feel like I can actually run it like I do everywhere els any tips?

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  • If you're jetted right you'll be fine

  • It's stock jetting and everything

  • Then you should run 32:1 I believe is what your manual calls for

  • I do mix it to 32:1

  • Then leave it there. 40:1 is less oil in the ratio.

  • Less oil=richer gas...

  • Exactly. When you go less oil, you go with smaller jetting. I had my husqvarna running 70:1 with full synthetic amsoil. But I spent four weekends dialing it in.

  • Hi Jarrett, what did you mean by "spot"? Did you mean li'l drool or spooge out of the pipe, or a wetting at the pipe's orifice? Correct me if i had it wrong. You may actually use any premix ratio, say from 32 : 1, 40 : 1, or 50 : 1 but that all depends on how you rejet your carb for your choice of premix and the way you ride your bike. 32 : 1 ratio is of course containing more oil than the two ratios. With a gasoline-fat or gasoline-rich jetting your bike doesn't sound crisp and you tend to produce more smoke coming out of the pipe because the combustion chamber runs a lot cooler than it has to be. With a slightly leaned-out jetting to spot-on depending on whatever prevailing climate factors you have there, elevation, and the way you ride (are you more of a WOT person or a lugger?), you won't have any spooge, you'll have lesser smoke (smoke levels within reason), you won't be fouling plugs, you gain crisp throttle response and wider grin, and your rear section is absolutely dry the whole day you ride your bike ;)

  • The spot he was referring to was the area in which they ride. But great info

  • Thanks James. When English is not your mother tongue you get lost easily in translation LOL! :D