So ive got a 03 yz250 and ive just ordered a new barrel for it now i need a new...


So ive got a 03 yz250 and ive just ordered a new barrel for it now i need a new crank and piston, what brand do you guys think are good and what pistons hold up well? TIA

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  • Stock is 46 to 48 peak horsepower, so I doubt that bolt ons will get you close to 60. The reason reeds and pipes and other similar mods feel more powerful is because they usually shift power from bottom to top or vice versa. That being said the most useable power is ideal, not the most peak

  • 53hp stock or 39.5kw is stock

  • Hot rods crank w\wiseco piston

  • Spend the xtra 20 and go O E M

  • Okay so oem is a cast piston, meaning its cheaper to make and more likely to split than a forged piston which is beaten into shape, and the price of the forged one is cheaper than the cast one. Meaning that yamaha are making alot of money out of cheap to produce piston which split therefore causing more damage therefore making more money when you have to repair the cylinder... I think ill go with the forged wisco piston and just change it and the rings regularly. And clean my air filter after every ride.

  • Oh yeah, Yamaha are definitely out to make their bikes look like unreliable pieces of shit just to make a few bucks on selling pistons and spare parts. I've heard Wiseco pistons are made out of recycled coke cans.

  • And I wouldn't piss on an aftermarket crank or rod. Even if it was half the price.

  • Well the yammy dealer seems to think the hot rods are the go.

  • He must be able to make more money out of them then. My Yamaha dealer who are also friends told me use them if you want a rattley engine.

  • Yumara is nice and cheap