So just curious one of the last few days I was home I went to run to the store...


So just curious, one of the last few days I was home I went to run to the store late late at night within two minutes from my house and it was the first time in over a year that I had rode with out gear.... gloves/jacket.

Man the throttle felt sooooo much more sensitive without gloves it was strange like I felt nakeeeyyy lol. Letting the clutch out/throttle on was a little jerky and unnatural compared to when I had gloves on the following day... Just wanted to share this and curious if anybody ever have this feeling too not wearing gear after being a total gear junky? Pic for attention

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  • I get that feeling too. I rode my bike from my driveway into the garage... Oddest 4 ft ever... Lol

  • Lol it truly is! Like maybe 1/2 mile to a stop sign turn left 300 ft and boom gas station. I had late night munchies no time for gear I wanted to get back to my Netflix hahahah

  • Didn't wear gloves once, I just kept killing it

  • I use to be that way, use to wear air maxes, wife beater, jeans, and no gloves.

    Then I got comfortable on the bike and rode it smart but on the riders edge 24/7.

  • There is a reason most Harley riders wear fingerless gloves and leather vests... you feel so FREEEEEE. It's like riding a dangerous line that makes you be even more aware of whats around you because you know it won't end well if you go down without gear on. I have done it before and its both nerve racking and exciting.

  • Example..went riding this spring on my old ninja to move some gas through the carbs. Hadn't ridden much lately. Only planned on going a couple miles. Got out of the parking lot and didn't like the feeling without my gloves. Too jerky. Feels much smoother and like I'm locked into the bike with gloves. So I went back and got them. Anyway, 2 miles later a truck slammed his brakes in front of me to avoid a deer and I slid underneath it. Pavement burned holes through the pads of my gloves so it's fair to say there wouldn't be much of my hands left if I hadn't swung back around to grab them..

  • Woahhhh close call man!!!

  • But... if you hadn't got back to get your gloves, you wouldn't have had an accident :(