So just had a dyno tune with TBR system I look at the numbers and not too...

So just had a dyno tune with TBR system. I look at the numbers and not too happy.

I lost torque, lower than stock.

No air box mod btw. Not yet.Stock internals.

Just wondering what you guys are putting out if you went on a dyno?

  • All dynos read different. Some read high, some read low.

  • The only way to get an accurate reading is to do a dyno of your bike before and after. Can't rely on posted hp #'s

  • ^^ that only relates to the type of dyno. There are three types. Dyno Jet , Mustang , Dynapack.

    And from what I notice in the bike world tuning world. Everyone uses a dyno jet dyno and they all have the same readings within 1-2%.

    Also different regions will yield slightly different power output due to different elevation, ambient air temps, humidity and so on. It all matters.

    And also. You could have just ran into a shitty "tuner" lol.

  • True. I'm sure you could catch different readings based on how the bike was broken in and maintained also.

    All I'm saying us that while it reads lower than tbr's #'s, it still may well be an increase over what you had. You'll never know unless u do a before & after.

  • Could b shitty dyno or shitty tuner like Sammo said

  • There's also the element of selling people that extra hp. I.e they could now tell Reden we can give you 100hp for $5000 and then only increase his original 90hp to100, but in the customers mind they've gained 30hp..

  • I'll have a word with them today. I broke it in as per manual. Which was quite hard to do. The bike is treated better than most humans. Not sure if the p1x baffle was in when they done it plus the fuel was 2 weeks old on 98 octane if that had anything to do with it. The idle is lumpy. The needle is slightly bouncy if that is normal? It felt more crisp with my stock. Supposed to be a custom tune.

  • Sounds like a shitty tuner to me. I'd find out what he tuned it to. A/f ratio and all that.

  • I went back today. Told me I was running rich with the stock pipe. I find that hard to believe. I'll have it retuned tomorrow free of charge. Hopefully better results.

  • Will be interesting to see new results. But yeah, I find that hard to believe too. Yamaha engineers >> Bikebiz guys ;-)