So let s get atleast 500 messages to highlifter for a arms on their Facebook...


So let's get atleast 500 messages to highlifter for a arms on their Facebook account and 500 requests for doors with dragon fly or jbs

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  • I would say superatv before highlifter, besides, highlifter won't step on the toes so to speak of CATVOS. If highlifter did build the arms they would be very close to the same price of CATVOS. SUPERATV on the other hand uses mass production from overseas so that would make them a lot less expensive, but cheaper isn't always better. And Blingstar would be a better choice verses dragonfire just because of quality, but if JBS offered them I'd buy tonight!

  • I will say the over all fit and finish of the super atv 6" we just put on my bro in laws razor, is way better than the Catvos I got for my Viking.. Aside from the front shock mount issue the welds are kinda crappy and there's spatter everywhere under the powder coat. Plus I had to grind powder coat off the get the ball joints in.

  • James JBS will do doors, he doesn't have his bender yet

  • The axles don't seem to be in a bind at all with the Catvos? It's supposed to be a 2" rake

  • That's what I gold them and got no response

  • JBS will most likely NOT be doing doors. There are some safety (legal) issues. It still may happen one day, but for now it's on hold

  • Rob Griffin first I've heard that. I'll just let you answer the JBS questions from now on:)