So the moment I ve been dreading since I bought my max happened today Riding...


So the moment I've been dreading since I bought my max happened today. Riding to work just cruising along my revs dropped and the bike purr purred like a sick lion and died. 2500 km away from it's next scheduled service I did not think it would happen. Luckily for me one of south africas leading Vmax mechanics lives one town over from where I stay and he will be fixing her up tomorrow. Hold thumbs that it's something small guys. Have had issues with my battery lately, so hoping that's all but my gut says otherwise. And that's why when your girlfriend says you should have your bike checked you should listen.

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  • Удачи тебе в ремонте.

    У меня индукционный датчик умирал и тогда были похожие симптомы.

    Много чего может быть...

    Мозги, катушки зажигания, свечи, карбы, аккум... вообщем ждем что скажет мастер)

  • Will keep you all posted

  • Fuel filter

  • You should never listen to your girlfriend. Sets a bad precedent .