So then what is the piece of wire for in the tool kit

So then, what is the piece of wire for in the tool kit?

  • Sounds like helmet holder. Didn't get one in mine :-(

  • They got to that value price point by shaving a few dollars here, a few dollars there. imho it's a completely fiddly and annoying alternative to a proper helmet lock, but for sure less expensive to produce.

  • Here the instructions on how to use the helmet holder: aha/mt09-tracer-2015-owner-s-m anual-56904/page-46

  • Tool kit you say ? Lucky you. No tool kit with my Tracer. I asked my dealer about this and he said there was no tool kit with UK bikes. I think all there is with my bike is a double-ended screwdriver clipped under one of the seats. I dream of having a cheap and ineffective loop of wire to secure my helmet

  • Toolkit comes with every bike i had to ask for mine too the dealer had it in a filing cabinet when I went for it there isn't a lot in it but they do come with em you will need the rubber strap to lock it under your seat as well

  • I got the strap and a toolkit, but saying that it's the smallest tool kit I've ever had, think one very cheap looking spanner, a c spanner for the shock and as you say a double ended screwdriver. The C spanners handy. not tried the strap yet though

  • Calling it a 'tool kit' is like calling the loopy wire a 'helmet holder'. Both far short of what one would typically expect.

  • I got a tool kit with Mine I didn't ask for it

  • The wire is for when you go cheese tasting on a trip to France, Wensleydale etc

  • I thought it was an Arab stallion ring.....

  • Helmet strap , works well , take off rear seat , clip one end of wire over the L shaped bit of metal on right of bike , thru the buckle on strap on lid other end onto the L shaped metal , replace seat ... not perfect but handy when you don't want to carry ya lid ....

  • Have another look. I bought mine second hand. When I asked the owner where the tool kit was, he said it didn't come with one. I found it when I got home.

  • I can't figure out how to get the rubber thing to work. It's too long for the clips and just falls off.

  • One side hooks one side of the tool bag other end clips other side of tool bag.... It really is that easy

  • Yeah I know where it's supposed to clip, but it's too long, there's no tension in it to keep it in place. Just falls right off. Even with the tool kit under it. I've got an idea it could be the wrong toolkit for the bike. I had to ask for it after I'd bought the bike & they had to go rummaging to find it.