So this happened last week. Seems that the windshield doesn t like Insect Spray

So this happened last week. Seems that the windshield doesn't like Insect Spray (Well that's all I can put it down to). Anyone have any ideas on a Polish I can try to rub it out?

  • Claybar?

  • This is a plexiglass material so it is very easily damaged.

    First off try basic warm water and dawn soap, if it's oil based it should come right off. Dawn dish soap is amazing against anything oil based.

    If that doesn't work try a detail spray with wax, if the chemical gave it any chemical based grooves from over spray the wax may help fill it in.

    If that doesn't work I truly can't think of anything else to assist you

  • If all this doesn't work: Paint it black or something.

  • Meguiars plastic polish. And lots of elbow grease

  • I was thinking of trying something like a plastic Polish or headlight restoration kit. Wasn't sure however if it's safe to use on the windshield made of plexiglass.

    Thanks so much for your help guys!

  • Just spray paint the inside flat black, it'll look allot better anyways

  • I was thinking about that but I would have to paint the outside otherwise you would still see the damage. I might try the options above and if all else fails order a new tinted one ☺

  • with a Plexiglass polish should be fine

  • Paint it black !