So this happened today as well and my chain getting fucked so I think it s time...


So this happened today as well and my chain getting fucked so I think it's time for new sprockets and chain

Some recommendations would be appreciated haven't changed them since I bought the bike



I do mostly woods riding

%d comments
  • I'm lucky, I have a nice 220 acre farm with a nice big flat track/ natural terrain Mx track along a dry gully that runs through the place and neighbours that we've known for three generations so I can invite 20~30 bikes out here and they don't complain but there's still noting like getting out in the bush, I love that most of all. I'f you're ever up the North Coast with a bike give me a call and drop in for a lap. I'm in the Lismore Casino Byron area. (Casino/ Kyogle area to be precise)

  • Yer bro I will do if I'm up that way ,if your ever down the central coast area give me a msg and I'll take u into the unknown

  • Sounds good.

  • Hi Geoff i grew up at Rappville, i used to ride out at smiths a fair bit

  • Hey Graeme, yeah I raced a lot at Smiths and Matt Addo andI and a few others still unofficially run the SMCC and have rec rides out at the other place we used to race on without mentioning names. Where are you now? We're planning a rec ride out there in July to raise money for young Jenner and I think McCormick who've been selected to ride in the ISDE this year. I'm sure you'd be welcome if you're still around. Have you seen our SMCC page on here? We try to keep it pretty active. le-Club/168951783147741?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Join the page and you're pretty much in the club is the way it works.

  • Yeah Geoff im in brisbane now but try to get down there when i can, thanks mate il see what i can do

  • Want to go to Geoff Faulkner house

  • Farm!

  • Geoff Faulkner I live in Wales,Uk. Most of my riding is in tight,snotty,wet and muddy woods. If i figure out a way to upload a gopro vid i will. It's steep and off cambered. I have to zig zag and pivot turn up most of the stuff. 1st is just about low and long enough to crawl through the stuff,i can maybe barely use 2nd but im on the clutch. That's running 14/50. I think 14/52 would be perfect. I tried 14/49 there once,1st was a tad too tall.

  • I see some sound advice comments in this group.I see a few off the wall stuff to but mainly good.I live in the USA and over here every body has some bad advice to offer.Its awesome to see riders helping riders.We all had to learn some how or from someone.Yamaha yz250 is my all time favorite dirtbike.braaaaap.