So this week. hopefully. my old bike will get sold


So this week (hopefully) my old bike will get sold.

I think I'm going to have to go for it and get an exhaust!

Let's see the ones you've been eyeing up or have already fitted!

Oh and what's best? Full kits or change the end....yeah not too mechanical on this end....

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  • Check Mt-09 is the same ;)

  • A MT-09 exhaust will not fit a Tracer due to the centre stand. Well at least the official Akrapovic MT-09 will hit it. Not sure about the Ixil? Is the Ixil MT-09 and Traced exhaust the same thing?

  • The according to some chaos selling them who I emailed they say the ixil will fit it :-) plus Bartosz has fitted it.

  • I'm assuming the centre stand is still useable on yours Bartosz?

  • If it does not fit. How about I try to arrange a group buy of the Ixil Tracer exhaust ? We should be able to get a bulk / user group discount. What do you all think?

  • I will be very interested in this, be looking for a system since picking up the bike, just not keen on nearly a grand for the akra!

  • Chatting to a chap (Simon) at biker mart via email today. And he has updated their website after my inquiry. I'll check tomorrow if he knows if the centre stand causes an issue. Then, as I get the feeling you will be better than me at this Stephen, I'll leave the haggling to you. Let's say he's already willing to do me a deal after I asked for a discount for our group if we plugged his site. -980

  • So the chap says if we order 3 or more he'll do them for £395.......

  • You can count me in at that price Mark, someone else must be willing to give it a pop :)

  • Our man in the know (coz he has one) Bartosz has confirmed that the centre stand remains in use. I'm still after one of these anyone else?