So who has done the the most miles on their Tracer so far. Got mine end of Feb


So who has done the the most miles on their Tracer so far? Got mine end of Feb.

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  • I think its the hand guard's that cause the wobble over 120. Its fine in a strait line but can sometimes wobble a little over this speed round bends.

  • 120 does not sound right. Thats a yank version!

  • There is an ongoing stabilty issue at the ton. Widely reported (fj forum very good except for being very us focussed although there is a euro sector) but no definitive fix except for a wildly expensive steering damper

  • There are so many factors to a steering wobble which makes it so difficult to resolve , mine is fine without luggage , but then im a hefty lad and like to grip the tank tight with my nuts up close and personal , therefore keeping as much weight over front wheel as possible ....

  • To much information ^ :-)

  • That would be good

  • Wales next weekend, getting about

  • Where you going in Wales Steve Phillips?

  • I shall crack the 3000 miles mark on my way to Coventry and back home tomorrow.

  • Will be based in Llandudno Benny, it is a group ride and don't know where we'll be going, I'm happy to be surprised on the day.

    Should put a few miles on over summer - 2 weeks in Spain end of June and first week of August a week in the Alps.

    Tyres will have to be changed before Spain, the 222's are doing fine, noticing a very slight squaring off.