So whos at fault on this near miss. hopefully it was not my bad riding again


So whos at fault on this near miss? (hopefully it was not my bad riding again!)

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  • it was his fault driving-wise for switching lanes and your fault precaution-wise because you didnt take for granted that he was going to cut you off like a muppet box driver he is!

  • Car drivers fault , but you were riding in his blindspot John.

  • The comments have been interesting reading, with different views on where the fault lies. If I showed more of the video the verdict may of been different. I followed this car from the car park where he shown total disregard for lane discipline, so coming upto the roundabout I kind knew he would straight line it, which is why I "held" back a bit at the roundabout waiting for the cut up, the cam makes it look worse than it was as it is mounted right at the front of the bike, gave me a good excuse to let rip on the throttle with the full force of decibels from the akro exhuast though!

  • Car 100% now send it to the police to investigate so that person gets done for driving without due care and attention and hopefully liens from their mistakes

  • Dont think the old bill would be interested!

  • Yeah they will have to do something or people will keep doing it

  • That's interesting reading John as I was going to comment that the car was totally at fault for straight lining the roundabout but was going to mention that you had put yourself in danger of getting swiped by sitting where you where , it's a good video to show where not to sit in relation to another vehicle , the driver is showing pretty standard behaviour , I get it regular in my truck but I don't worry about the outcome in that instance

  • Car driver. Crap lane control if you had been another car they would have hit you .no excuse for not staying in there own lane .

  • We can all learn a lesson here.... it doesn't matter who is right or wrong, bikes are vulnerable and good observations and anticipation can keep us out of trouble, John saw the driver was iratric before the roundabout and could have kept more out of his way. No use being 'right' from our hospital bed!!

  • John - pm'd you

  • Over take everyone all the time and avoid blind spots. Stupid loud pipe and loads of blipping throttle so every bastard sees you/hears you. Works for me

  • Keep in the driver's side mirror mate...