So with me being new to my bike and your group I have a question what other...

So with me being new to my bike and your group I have a question, what other kind of seat is out there for these bikes? With the width I'm kind of on my tippy toes, I had an Ultimate Low Rider on my VTX and it worked great since I'm 5'5. Any suggestions would be great, thank you

  • No clue. Sorry. The factory seat is just right for me. Have you looked into a reduced reach seat from Yamaha? I'll bet it would cost though.

  • I could not help you with that because out at Sturgis last year I had 3 inches add from a guy from Florida. He did a great job. The factory seat has about a half inch of foam.

  • Dawn do you ever ride to New Diggins, Wisconsin

  • these seats are popular on another V Star 1300 form i am a part of. so were Ultimate Seats. I haven't tried them. I am new to my V Star as well. I believe both of these manufactures make a low seat like your looking for.

  • Look into the ultimate seat, has a nice low cut.

  • Jerry Schaver, had to look up where that is and no I'm sorry I haven't. I'm north of Madison, is it nice riding that way?

  • They have good food and cool beverage. Have you ever rode over Cassville Wisconsin and ride the ferry to Balltown, Ia. l [know it up there are some nice places to stop at. Also look up Poopys nice biker bar.

  • Hmm , Jerry Schaver sounds like I need to travel a little further south, thank you

  • I have a friend that took her seat into an upholstery shop and had it shaved. They shaved the foam which left her legs reach the ground easier. They recovered and now fits her great. ( She also had a gel pad inserted, which adds cushion under the bum. ) all for less than $100. And cheaper than a new seat. Good luck.

  • I'm getting the ultimate eventually..