Some garage time today. Cleaning cobwebs


Some garage time today. Cleaning cobwebs . . .

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  • Nice collection of toys....:)

  • Awesome set of bikes!

  • Oil pump is working.

  • Yamaha trail 125 and 175 may be

  • I had a good friend with the yellow AT1, the whole family had Yamaha Enduros, all pre 72 and they had this relative who used a torch and did smoke curls inside the pinstripes on the sides of the tanks on all their bikes, at the time it seemed cool but little did we know He was ruining the factory paint.

  • 1970 AT1 with conversion to 175 and Powerdynamo ignition.

  • Ruined?

  • Bleh !!

  • Winter packing today as well.

  • I had a 125 in the early '70s, yellow like yours but thought it was a 1971? Memory not so good.

    Anyway great looking motorcycle it's good to hear one running / haven't forgot that unique sound!

  • Definitely a 1970 !

  • Iconic!

  • Nice Ace!