Someone shared this with me. These handles are like 21 each from the dealer


Someone shared this with me.... These handles are like $21 each from the you get two for $10.99.....wth....anyway installed and exact fit for my 2014 212x. f=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_5kJOxbT4RBJ7W

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  • Nice. My rubber came off of mine on my 242

  • That...just doesn't sound right...lmao

  • Lol.

  • Walmart $7

  • Here in FL

  • I bought these and mounted them under the swim step so people floating at the back of the boat had something to hang on to. They work great!!

  • Bob Morgan

  • saw this right after mine ripped. ordered wednesday installed today perfect fit with a spare.

  • These are 9.99 at academy, all the time. (For two)

  • each? these are TWO for

  • Jack Chandler for two. I just bought two sets to make some mobile photography walls that I could carry.

  • Nice