Sometimes I d like to change my pandora station or other things while listening...


Sometimes I'd like to change my pandora station, or other things, while listening to my phone. I've thought about putting an iPhone mount on the fairing and drilling a hole in the fairing to run an audio cable from the phone into the Garmin. Any ideas to help me avoid trashy mistakes?

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  • My Yamaha V Star 1300 came with the iPhone hook up in the hard bags bags

  • The deluxe does too, and I use it all the time. But I can't always interact with phone the way I'd sometimes like. So in those situations it would be nice to have access to the screen.

  • Can't you just mount your phone on a Ram mount and Bluetooth your phone to your Garman?

  • Ooh, I dunno. Will the audio go over bluetooth? Would be awesome to have such an obvious and simple solution, I'll have to try.

  • Audio will play over Bluetooth, I'm not sure how much control you will have other than volume. I'm still learning how to make everything work.

  • The ideal place in your Bluetooth and you can make phone calls on your Garmin

  • I have my helmet set up with speakers and mic and I can listen to stream, gps and answer calls as they come in.

  • It is a Bluetooth speaker mic set up.

  • I guess my old is hanging out. I can't get the audio from my phone to go thru the speakers via bluetooth. I paired it no problem under the phone option. But the audio pairing doesn't connect. I'm guessing I'm missing something simple.