somone have the manual for 2016 yxz 1000


somone have the manual for 2016 yxz 1000

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  • but yesterday..come to think of it

  • idle was jumping up and down a few times through out the day

  • but through code today during warm up

  • Hmmm, are you somewhere really cold?

  • nope wonderful TEXAS

  • Try resetting the code by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes see if it comes back on... also check that connector would be my advice at this point.

  • thank you for all your help I will try that

  • I have had my ISC wig out twice, in the dunes after being at a high rpm constant load for a long time when I stopped my idle was humping for a few seconds but it didn't set a code..

  • thanks again Ben Mcclelland