sooo i have a 95 warrior. i have lonestar 2 1 rolled aarms from a 07 yfz450


sooo i have a 95 warrior. i have lonestar +2 +1 rolled aarms from a 07 yfz450. i set them next to my quad today to see if fit. and bottom looks to line up perfect. but top is a lil bit of a gap like i need to use spacers. now. of course ima use a grade ! marine grade stainless steel bolt. strongest around.

but has anyone else attempted this mod ?

from all looks i am not going to need to move anything and my factory shocks look and measure to bolt up 100%.

these aarms were last on a 700r.

has anyone tried or completed this ?

i see brackets i can order off ebay to complete the task all bolt on. but i dont ness wanna spend more $ on things i can make.

%d comments
  • was a 700r

  • i have -2 inch lowering brackets

  • i m in the process of doing it to my 2000, to get the shocks to line up put the left lower on the right and the right lower on the left. the back lower bracket has to be moved forward and the upper back brackets must be moved forward as well, mine is at fabrication shop now pics will follow when its done

  • if you do it this way makes it +3 arms with the same geometry as the stock arms and the shocks line up perfectly

  • but requires welding and cutting of the back brackets upper and lower arms

  • Damn thats gonna be a beast!!!