Starting to forget what my viking looks like 4 months and counting now in the...


Starting to forget what my viking looks like.. 4 months and counting now in the shop for a cracked case..

Picture is back when I first bought it and thought it was indestructible from the factory.

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  • They sure don't want a bad reputation for building junk. Legal or not.

  • I know it sounds like I stick up for them a lot, and I do, but I look at things from a different perspective being a mechanic in dealers for almost a decade. Yamaha will never have a bad reputation. I didn't even know about the case issue when I bought mine. And yeah there's a few guys making some noise, but as a whole, the amount affected are probably less than 1 percent. And nobody is getting hurt. Polaris didn't say shit about their rzrs catching on fire until a girl died. And they have 160 confirmed fires. They recalled 40k rzrs from 2013 to now. Only after a girl died. But as a mechanic, you see people coming in and bitching, getting their way, only because they Bitch. And this is the asshole who doesn't wash his stuff, doesn't check his oil, just doesn't care. Sometimes a manufacturer does what it has to. Plus, if you went in with a bone stock viking, and you had a warranty, theyd cover it. It says plain as day, if you alter your unit. Your warranty is voided, you signed it.

  • The idea that my motor wouldn't crack and leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere is EXACTLY why I bought a Yamaha rather than a Rzr 1k or whatever. I'll give up some power for peace of mind knowing my engine won't crack and leave me stranded. Yamaha needs to fix this or else they stand to lose their reputation for reliability.

  • Plus, like I said, it's probably mostly the dealer. I saw a guy on 30s get his engine replaced. I saw another guy with 30s get his rear diff and axle replaced because he blew it apart, and the dealer sent yamaha pictures of it, it was filthy, he didn't even wash it after pulling it out of a mud hole. I'm telling you, yamaha probably isn't the bad guy.

  • What mine looked like after ever ride

  • That's what I'm saying, it's the dealer, probably telling yamaha you rag out your shit.

  • Mine was out of warranty anyway but the point is if I knew that I could buy an updatedcase and it be fixed it would have but I'm not gonna roll the dice on buying a case a year

  • How did you Crack your case

  • Middle gear bolts fall out at will

  • It's not an updated case really. The middle drive gear bolts back out and stress the cases. Due to vibration. Which is why they tried the damper. But I was under the assumption they put a greater torque value on the bolts

  • Shane Travasos

  • I've heard a lot about this case problem that's why I haven't gave up my rhino yet

  • This^ my bet is the techs/ dealers aren't submitting shit to Yamaha. Just fuck him he's got big tires we'll bust his ass..

  • Better keep it what size u have

  • Rhinos do the same thing...

  • I just posted on Yamaha USA

  • I had a 660 rhino broke the middle gear but never cracked a case

  • 2008 700

  • I have 2300 miles on it now, we ride brimstone it's been great so far

  • They usually took the case out on the 660 too. There is a billet support for them, I don't know if it helps or not though.

  • Been wanting a viking then I heard on here about the case problems and I've held off

  • I wouldn't worry about it, everything can break.

  • Nah I wouldn't worry about it it's only about 4 g's

  • They say 2016 has a extra bar mount

  • I hope that fixed it and if that's the route you take good luck to you

  • How many you think have broke? Maybe a 100-200? Out of a couple million units. How many Polaris reverse chains have broke I wonder..

  • Well honestly I just wish someone would have warned me before I bought mine and I don't like Polaris either I'm trying another rotax my first one never cracked a case so I will know for sure which one is better when this one hits 1000 miles if it has no issues I will be able to say it's better

  • Anything can break, especially when you put big mud tires on it. I drove my rhino 660 for 8 years with outlaws on it, the internets said the middle gear was a ticking time bomb, it never broke though and I beat the shit out of it. Will my Viking break? Maybe, maybe not. If it does I'm not gonna be mad about it since I put big ass tires on it.

  • Big tires have nothing to do with bolts falling out if I broke axles diffs so be it but really bolts falling out Really?????

  • Like I said to only time will tell if this one outlast the Viking great if it don't well it was no better

  • What & where did you post?

  • I agree about the bolts, but all the ones on here that broke had big tires as far as I know. I did know a guy with a rhino that was used only for deer camp that broke his cases just cruising to a stand. I beat the brakes off mine and it never broke, so who knows

  • So they can't say they never heard of it now

  • My first broke case was stock and after the first time there was a second and then I broke the gears in my yard in sand for the 3rd time and that's when I finally gave up

  • And mean to tell you it was hardly driven

  • I know it will never be up for long if at all but everyone needs to do the same.

  • Which I don't want anything from Yamaha I no longer have the bike but I wanna make people aware of what they are getting so they don't get in the same situation as many of us did