Stephen Walbey added 46 photos to BT1100 V Metal Full Kit for Sale in Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog.


I had these parts professionally polished before I took them off the bike.. They have been in a box for a few months so will need a bit of a buff. If you want the full kit I will be happy to do a deal and I can ship it anywhere in the world if you are happy with the postage price. Any questions just ask. Steve

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  • I might be interested in the bars and clamps - are they 'fat bars'? I can't tell from the photo.

  • yes they are fat bars .

  • To bad with Yamaha that they discontinued the BT1100. All talk about evolve and make it your own. The site with metal and leather version was really nice.

    What are you going to do with it now?

  • I have had six of them and I have sold this one and am having a change for a bit. I will probably get another one at some point though as I love them.

  • Sorry to be a pain, but would you mind telling me how wide the bars are? And, how much for the bars, clamps and postage to Manchester?

  • Can I measure them tomorrow as they are in my work?

  • Yeah no worries, whenever's good for you, cheers

  • My wife is in Manchester on a conference Wednesday and Thursday. if you want to collect them from her hotel/conference centre you will be welcome. Prices for everything are on the pictures.

  • I just had one but I used for several km. Then came a MT-01, then a XT1200Z after that I changed brand for the first time in 25 years.

  • Hi Stephen, sorry for the late reply, I'm still interested in the bar and clamps, just wondering if you'd had chance to measure them? If they are about the same width as my rentals, I'll definitely buy them if they are still available. Cheers!

  • Hi Adam bars are 32" across

  • Let me know if you still want them?

  • Hi Stephen, I sent you a message via Facebook Messenger, not sure why it didn't work! Yes I do want the bars and clamps if they're still available - would you be able to post them to me in Mancheste? If so, how much 'all in'? Cheers

  • £6.75 to post

  • So £81.75 all in? What payment method? PayPal or bank transfer if we private message?

  • Drop me a private message and Paypal would be great.


  • Payapl would be fine and yep DM me

  • Stephen Walbey can you please send me a PM with the lowest price you will take for both fenders and the belly pan ? Thanks.