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Ok, any one have sirius xm, and are having trouble with reception, called dealer and he said there is an antenna, on the bike for the sirius !! any one know where it is, on the bike ??

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  • In the fairing

  • can you see it , and if so, just where is it, on the right, middle or left of the fairing ?

  • it should be visible to the sky, shouldn't it ??

  • No Steven. I've had my bike for a few years and it is in the faring the only time I have trouble is when I'm in trees or underpasses

  • if i can find it, i'm going to move it so it see's the sky, i know the reception would be better

  • I agree, reception is terrible, I added a radio to my bike and shut down the XM, the antenna can be moved, the outer shell of the faring comes off quite easily and if I remember correctly there is some extra cabeling in there.Good luck.

  • Good luck. Keep us posted

  • Yes I had trouble with mine it 3 times before it hooked up right but I don't have problems anymore. I had my bike 20 feet away from the garage. This took about a hour.

  • It is under the outer fairing. Take the windshield off then the screws arond the outside edge. There are also 2 screws in the garmin compartment. Remove all those and the outer fairing comes off really easy. This is an easy thing to do. Use T handled allens, it's easier.

  • I have no idea. I do live in a mountanouse area. And I do lose reception on occasion in the same places. I figured it was just the way it goes. While on a ride a week ago I lost it in a clear flat area. The bike actually told me to "Check the antenna" I just removed the little box from the dash, wiped off the contacts. And Whamo! It worked again.

  • It is in the gairing