Still can t figure out this cherrying problem with my exhaust pipe it only...


Still can't figure out this cherrying problem with my exhaust pipe.. it only seams to do it when I really get on it any advice or point me in the right direction? I get a good bit of air coming out of my exhaust but I do have gap at the exhaust gasket. Could it be something a wrong with my intake boot or what?

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  • Timing I'm good with I've done that a few times but the value job I'm not

  • I dont mean to steal your post Zachary, but Calvin, when the piston is tdc the valves should be closed and cam lobes facing down correct?

  • You know how to bring it up to top dead center? Take your timing cover off the side of the jug. 2 bolts. Make sure engine is turned till your cam mark lines up with the head mark. Twist the big flat head out behind the recoil. On top of the stator housing. Look down in the hole it should be lined up with the t

  • When I see the t in the hole my piston isn't tdc I dont believe, it will still come up some more

  • If that's right then leave it on top dead center and take our the 6mm Allen bolts holding the valve cover off the front, compression lever will stay in the valve cover on the front. Then take your back one off.

  • You will need a set of feeler gauges the intake valve should be set around .003 and the exhaust should be .011 I'm pretty sure let me double check or David Monnens my brain is faring am I right on valve clearance. To tired to look it up to verify right now

  • If valves need adjust double check your timing marks to make sure engine didn't move. Then loosen up the 10mm set nut on the valve and spinn the square head of the valve you will have to hold the head while you re tighten the 10mm so it doesn't turn on you. After you get the clearance right. Make your the set nuts are tight. Then rotate your engine slowly by hand 2 full revolutions. Re line up your timing marks and double check valve clearance if it is the same put it back together and fire her up.

  • If you pull it apart and the valve is tight against the rocker on either side you could have a sticky valve.

  • Your timing is off so your getting getting the explosion when the exhaust valve is still open which is why it's getting so hot

  • Thank you Calvin Jaworski a lot of great help!! Ill post a vid once I get it all done should be Sunday when I get some time!