Still have snow on the ground here so I haven t taken it home yet


Still have snow on the ground here so I haven't taken it home yet.

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  • Comes with bars already.. nice!

  • Yeah mini apes and storage rack

  • Might be just a tad biased....but great color choice

  • Same here. Dealer is storing it for the season for free.

  • I would let the dealer hold on to it but the way my itch to ride is set I need a fix asap lol

  • I love that color

  • Lookin good bro

  • This would be killing me. At least I can go hug mine whenever I want. But having to wait like that? Ugh.

  • You can't even start it up in your own garage and dream though

  • Trust me it's killing me big time. Soon as I can I'm taking it for a long ride.

  • It's not safe to get it to my garage and I'm definitely not gonna put it on a trailer. I'll wait

  • That bench touching the muffler, I'd be flipping out by removing the bench out of the way!

  • I bought mine just before the snow so I was lucky enough to get a taste. But now waiting for the snow to melt is killing me!

  • Didn't notice that! I'll go inspect it next time there and maybe try to use it as an excuse for an exhaust I really want lol

  • Haha