Still having a starting problem with my warrior Before I got the new starter...


Still having a starting problem with my warrior. Before I got the new starter relay it on it wouldn't crank over and I was just getting clicks and buzzes from the old one. Now I Put the new starter relay on and it cranks over but don't start. Checked for spark and it has no spark. Could it be the ignition coil?

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  • more then likely its ur coil pickup in the stator see if itll roll start

  • I have no way to do that where I'm at

  • u dont have a yard or a driveway or a street lol its not hard unless u live in a hole or something

  • My was the same it ended up being the stator

  • Stator mines doing the same as we speak waiting for stator now. I also got a coil 2 just in case coils are only 11 bucks. And DO NOT GET A CALTRIC STATOR. I got one it was missing the end plugs had to use my old ones put it in and nothing got it tested and its no good. Called them and they would not send me a new one til they get the bad one. I would get a zoom zoom one there 42 bucks and 8 for the gasket. I had mine almost 4 Yrs be4 it went. I ended up getting a neither zoom zoom 1

  • Either coil, pickup coil, start or CDI box

  • No I have streets and a yard to do it but no way to move it. I'm probably gonna order some coils and a stator but first I'm gonna ask my local mechanic what he thinks it could be

  • I second the dont get caltric stator got 3 bad ones n a row..ended up finding a good used oem stator. Had good luck w the rest of caltric parts...

  • I had the same thing happen to me it was the pick up coil but sometimes they come wired back words and u might have to just switch the 2 wires around