YAMAHA yzf r125 from Radcliffe, Bury 28/10

This was my Sons bike, he'd had it 2 wks and he's gutted. Any info pls. Reward.

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  • I've requested cctv yesterday so just waiting on that today, have an idea who might have took it, just need more proof, 've been checking those sites and a few others on the Web and think I'll put some pics around town, thanks for that. So angry about it all and my Son is devastated.

  • Chances are if you think you know who it is then 9/10 you will be right. Proberly put in a shed where it will be left for a few weeks.

  • Once you get cctv and if you are proven right. Go get the bike back.

  • If someone sl

    Stole my yzf a few peteol bombs would be coming there way

  • Indeed, do they sell these on eBay?

  • Lol

  • I have the exact samr bike, im round the radcliffe area as the other half lives there, if i see anything, ill let u know :)

  • Thanks Shaun,

  • I live near bury and read this, luckily my yzf lives in the house! I'll keep an eye out, unfortunately they do often get stripped and sold for parts

  • Thanks Garry.