Suffer first puncture in rear tyre yesterday fortunately it was in the center...


Suffer first puncture in rear tyre yesterday, fortunately it was in the center of the tyre. Can anyone recommend a good tyre repair kit?

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  • I use this one. Very simple to use, comes in a pencil case sized bag. There's videos on YouTube of it. Recommended. Have used it twice. No loss of pressure after plugging, even my tyre guy commented how good the plug was. The only downside is that it doesn't come with a way to pump it back up. I've got a tiny 12v pump that comes away with me too.

  • I noticed that so deleted lol

    For getting air into your tyre you can't beat this bit of equipment. Pretty compact with a lot of power. The best one I've come across

  • Please be aware that the Power socket is only 2amps. I plugged a pump in and"whoops".

  • Good call. I've not used it yet. How do I get around this Peter? Not good with amps and wires.

  • I can only say what i have read some where on this site.Which was to swap the 2amp for a 4 amp max. I shall not be doing this myself.Knowing my luck it would blow the ECU and cost me a grand. Im back on a 2 amp which is about enough to run a sat nav.

  • Should have anything to do with the ecu. Cables will handle 4amp.

  • I have the Stop n Go kit too, got mine from the US and it has a compressor in the bag. Problem is it it was fine storing it on my Thundercat but won't fit under the Tracer seat :( -motorcycles-scooters-atvs/