Sunday surprise to all the resellers bad news for the enthusiasts It s now...


Sunday surprise to all the resellers & bad news for the enthusiasts. It's now official confirmation.

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  • Really a sad news...

  • Definitely a disappointment for all those who waited for so long hoping these items wud be made available again.. In spite of demand in market, the decision has been made... still hope that remaining spare parts wud be supplied for 2 strokes..

  • Sad news brothers... Gotta start stocking parts now!!!

  • Drop me a text whenever you wanna stock anything :P

    Bdw tyre will be sent tomorrow

  • Yup... Please do

  • And u please start stocking up!!!

  • Let the Diwali begins.....

  • If not original then duplicates will come to market

  • Try to buy consumable items like clutch worm kit which needs to changed and also gear shaft and gear change lever. Gear box is like bulletproof reliable so no need to worry.

  • Try to buy this because I did not find it in the market and it's very important part in clutch and due to this my engine was heating and difficulty in changing gears. Luckily I found this in another town spares easily gets lost as mechanics can be careless.

  • Actually the fact is there are more 100s in the market than 135. 135 was not popular so it was sold less. But RX100 was sold from 1989 till 1994 so you have many rx100 running and RX100 engine sound is still making people to buy it even now in second hand market

  • Try to use 90 gear oil for engine oil as it will give more durability to engine and gear box

  • So U don't know about the Rx 100's which were sold from 86 to 89, please don't give unnecessary gyaan, which is irrelevant to the above post.

  • Yes they were CKD kits brought from Japan and assembled in India. Most parts were made in Japan

  • my expectation of 5s new bore kit gone..