Sweet looking levers IMO Hard to tell but there more of a charcoal color than...


Sweet looking levers IMO. Hard to tell but there more of a charcoal color than silver. Can't wait to put them on.

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  • I'm also assuming you waited practically a month for them?

  • I got mine on Amazon but same seller. PayPal issues at the time. But mine were 30-40 ish. Took about 2 weeks to get in from China.

  • Mine came with cool Go Fast stickers. Added loads of HP lol. :)

  • Yeah I've been watching them on eBay. I just don't like the crazy far away arrival time. Coming from China I understand the need for time but idk I'm just being a typical American who wants my stuff in a week or less. First world problems! Also I don't really want to feed in to the Chinese industry but I guess buying one with a shorter delivery day will still probably be Chinese made

  • Yea. You'd probably pay a premium to get USA ones as well. Frankly as long as it's CNC solid metal it should last for clutch and brakes. I kept the stockers incase I ever had issues I could just swap back. Install was like 5 mins.

  • I have the same as T.l. Sheff posted, been on for over a year and left outside during the day, have not faded yet, but for $25 If they do it will be a sign that I should try a different color lol

  • Around $30 and it took about 2 weeks for me too.

  • You know. You guys can select what country to buy from on eBay. I always choose any vender that's in the u.s if I'm in need of it now now. Or I get to Amazon because I got me prime.

  • No amazon here in Australia, if I want it quick I will choose some one from Australia, which is still no guarantee as sometimes the seller is in Aus but it is sent from Hong Kong, most times tho I'm happy to wait when it costs half the price.

  • I just ordered some off amazon about a week ago. Can't wait for them to get here.