Tell me that doesn t look like a Bolt on my sons shirt My wife bought it...


Tell me that doesn't look like a Bolt on my sons shirt. My wife bought it because it looks like my bike lol

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  • Yeah. Where'd you purchase it?

  • Straight up that's a bolt. Awesome.

  • My wife bought it at Marshalls. Lol

  • It does! Looks like a chain rather than a belt tho?

  • I need one for my new born!!!!

  • My son has the same shirt

  • My son has that short also

  • Looks like it but they flipped it. Cool.

  • Thats the belt cover

  • Oh Goodo. Next time I Will put my glasses on :)

  • Lol

  • I have one. Is definitely a bolt.

  • Wow no shit I have one I didn't realize this was to the forum lol.