Tell me what s wrong with my vmax

Tell me what's wrong with my vmax?

Last night I started the bike and hopped on to go to the store. When I started to pull away from the curb, the bike hesitated pretty significantly which caused me to lose my balance and drop the bike. Engine dies, I look around for a bit to see if there's anyone on the street to help me pick it up. There isn't, so I get myself together to pick it up by myself, which I do. Bike was down between 30 seconds and a minute, I'd say.

I let it sit for a couple of minutes and then try to start it. It won't start. First it acts like the battery is dead, then after an hour or so it turns over fine but doesn't even show a hint of spark. So I let it sit overnight.

This morning I go to start it. It turns over a little hesitantly but doesn't start. I check the choke and realize it's been on this whole time, ever since before dropping the bike. I try again, this time while twisting the throttle a little. It turns over, I hear a pretty loud "clack" and then it starts.

But it's running rough, missing, sounding like it's on two cylinders, and it immediately starts dripping gas from the exhaust. I turn it off and let it sit again.

I figure last night it was flooded from falling, me twisting the throttle a couple of times trying to start it, etc, and that now it's not quite flooded anymore but there's still excess gas somewhere it's not supposed to be. I let it sit two or three more hours.

About half an hour ago I went back to it, started it, and rode it half a mile or so. It started smoking- white smoke. Quite a bit of it. When I pull it over and turn it off, I see that it's now dripping a little oil, which appears to be coming from the lowest point of the exhaust pipe.

So I brought it back home and turned it off and that's where things stand.

I'm thinking head gasket? Cracked piston?

Please tell me I'm wrong.

  • The loud clack was the starter clutch and you're right that the engine was flooded, this was the reason for the clack.

    I think (not sure on that) the dripping fluid is gas from the Tank overflow, the outline is exact in that place.

    Disassemble the spark plugs and check them if they are still wet, if so let them out for 2 or 3 hours and then start it again.

  • Dr Tom is in the house!! ; )

  • You may also have gotten some excess fuel &/or oil in the airbox...If this is 'cleaning up' on on its 'own, as you run/ride it, I would simply allow it to do so...ALWAYS take the choke off as soon as possible; Help to prevent carbon buildup, as well as the "hesitation" you experienced...

  • The dripping is most likely excess fuel, mixed with carbon, leaking from the joints in the exhaust...Run it,& that will clean out.

  • Micah Crown-Hunt do you have an update on your issue?

  • Some kid mechanic once goofed with my carbs and my bike would only run on 3 for a while and sputter, had to take it bacl tp shop foreman who set them back where they were, never a problem since. Carbs are factory set, and pretty touchy!???