Thank you


All the friends who trusted me and got few rare and best stuff over these 2 weeks.. u guys made me busy and gave hope to hunt few more stuff for our bikes in future... Been passionate for 2strokes around 5yrs and sourcing spares for these beasts geting intresting day-by-day...

RX/RXZ/Jawa/Yezdi/Shogun/Shaol in

almost all spares for MRP nd best price u cn contact me @8105054688 And watsap me @9663994688

will be happy to serve you better...



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  • Good job bro

  • thnk you brother

  • Great brother. Ppl like u are the reason why I still have stock parts in my bike. Keep up bro. Will ping u if I need parts.

  • Good job seems to be my handle bar :)

  • yes bhai... thats ur HT handle bar fr RD ;)

  • thank you

  • Thnk you brother... sure u cn ping me anytime :)

  • Welcome bro we need more people like you in our biking community which provide the best service at best price all the best bro :)

  • Trust from 3 years exactly for today bro :) hope u remember that

  • How much is the cost for original rd handle bro?

  • ha ha... yes Kumi started from Tyres ;)

  • OE handle not availble brother... cn giv u good replica ones..

  • I did not only get spares from you more than spares i got a true brother

  • hey Kumi :)

  • Bro I need front mudguard rx100

  • availble brother

  • Price n is it old stock

  • new OE.. plz watsap... wil chck MRP nd update u