Thank you very much for the add I picked mine up just over a week ago and I...

Thank you very much for the add, I picked mine up just over a week ago, and I have to say I'm so very impressed, now let the modding begin.

  • see you got the drift cam ... what lid is that?

  • Hi mate yeah the drift ghost HD, the lids the Arai tour x4 I got a good deal on it as this design was an outgoing one.

  • Got the same cam ... got the TourX3 cant afford the TourX4 now ... too much outgoing on bits for the bike LOL Great helmets.

    I got a free Held Makan helmet for doing some pics for the Held rider gear people tho :)

  • Thats a nice result mate, those held Makans look really cool and there is really not too much difference between x3 and x4 to warrant an upgrade and price :O, better spent on mods,

  • I know these are a bit tarty, and rim tape is not to everyones taste but I could not resist the hi viz yellow with the blue :)

  • The X3 is getting a bit old and tired ... still got the new lid now so can give the Arai a rest

  • Whats the held like noise wise, because it really is a smart looking lid, the Arai x4 is fairly noisy on tracer but that could be the poor screen.

  • Still pretty noisy and had to get them to send me a size up from normal as the medium they sent was waaaay too small.

    they sent me a large and XL to make sure lol

    so i got 3 here at the moment, but being collected next week before you get any ideas ;)

  • Oh, and the Arai is a lot more comfy, but you get what you pay for eh

  • your bang on mate, i thought a goup buy on 2 held helmets was coming for a minute then lol